Are you a software engineer or programmer 1

Are you a software engineer or programmer?

Do you know the differences between software engineering and programming? What is the highest valued and most in-demand role? I’ll tell you about it in this post.
In forums or programming group, questions regarding certain careers or roles are common, especially among Software Engineers and programmers, in this article I will talk about these two concepts.

Software engineer

Let’s talk about software engineering first. It is a discipline where different approaches, methodologies and ways of generating software are seen. The main objective of studying this career is to have the knowledge of the tools, techniques and methods to develop quality software and solve all the problems that arise during its development.

The complexity of this career is that it deals with areas that in some cases are not expected when we start, for example models to work, calculate development times, calculate costs and all these kinds of things that someone normally faces in the labor market. with this profile. Many of these opportunities are presented with different variables, not all companies have the same budgets, employees, times and knowledge, these are the reasons why the complexity of addressing problems from this perspective increases.

In addition, the software engineer is involved, for example, in the collection of the requirements to be able to be soaked in the process and make the correct decisions, it would also be necessary for him to analyze them and make decisions, finally specify the scope of the application and assess them so that the project and the objectives set are met.

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On the other hand, a programmer could be seen as the one in charge that the requirements, methods, contracts and other elements that are previously decided are now converted into code so that they can be placed as part of the software.

Many times it is thought that the Software Engineer has more relevance on the project and this is the classic discussion of what role is most important for the company.

We can then say that a software engineer is true that he has a much broader panorama of what development involves, although a programmer with a few years of experience surely also notices it and is not surprised to know all the elements involved.

On the other hand, the programmer can reach a high technical level on certain technological elements and also surely knows and adapts faster to the project since he is the one who plants the foundations of many parts of the project. Many times the programmer has a great self-teaching ability, this is developed in many cases in a natural way with the experience in projects that is combined with the development of technologies.

The programmer at the beginning surely does not understand some of the decisions made within the systems that he programs since he does not have the complete picture and would not have why. His goal is to code and not to plan.

Many programmers are repeatedly at the point of questioning decisions, this does not mean that things are not done well. It means that there is a possibility that by not knowing the system as a whole and its functions, wrong solutions can be thought of.

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With the aforementioned we can see that there is no small or large role in software development, each of the roles that we have described are important and both deserve respect, the important thing is to understand that each one has their role and that the person they want Assuming it you must know the properties of the position to be able to know if it is the one that best suits you, this should be something elementary to select the professional path we want to follow and better understand how we can prepare.

Something that is important for both positions is working as a team, it is very likely that both positions will have to work with other developers, engineers, designers and other areas to generate high quality software.

So as a final tip, first find out about the characteristics of the position and see if it is what motivates you the most to know which way to go. Both positions are important.